Living through the Corona virus novel

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The expectations for 2020 were greatly increased in comparison to the previous years that not only the hospitality industry but the country herself was struggling to overcome the economic difficulties. The new threat for the industry is here but is not here to stay.


Through out the years there has been many difficulties and humanity has always been victorious. All we have to do is being responsible individuals and uphold the restrictions that have been set by the state. It will soon be over.


Until then, a great opportunity arises. Prepare for the sunny future that awaits. We have the time to reflect on our image and the digital presence of our hotels and fine tune the details that we never had the time to but hold great value.


Despite the indisputable difficulties that we all need to face at the moment, it is of great importance to stay positive and keep our focus on the bright horizon and the great times that are yet to come.

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