Why Photography is the most powerful tool for hotels

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You can write down all the facilities of your hotel, and expect potential visitors to read it all, or you can have an eye catching photo of someone using it. Which works better? Well, going with the first option, will mean leaving money on the table, and here is why.

People tend to read online when they want to be informed. News sites have one or none photo per article, because users expect to find information. People visit news sites to read.

However, this does not apply to travel and hospitality. Visiting a hotel’s website is not about information, it’s about dreaming.

When we book a hotel, apart from the room, we buy the full experience. Hotels of the same size, to the same location, with identical amenities, similar review score, can differ a lot in terms of what a guest experiences during a visit.

Photo shooting is the way to connect with our future customers. We need to make them visualize themselves in the experience we have to offer. When we see a photo of someone having a cocktail in a jacuzzi ,with a great view, we don’t think about the facts, “this hotel has a jacuzzi and the bar open hours should be noon-sunset’. We feel the relaxation. We imagine ourselves being there!


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