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Hotelising maximizes hotel sales revenues.

Your hotel’s profitability grows when you grow your market share, increase your average room rate and make more direct room sales.

We implement unique sales strategies, use historic and live data, proven sales revenue management tools and analytical methods, to make it happen. We uncover your Hotel’s hidden revenue potential.

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Revenue Management is used to sell the right unit to the right customer, at the right price, at the right time. Hotels face important decisions regarding when to sell, to whom to sell and for how much to sell. By controlling inventory, price and duration of stay, the hotel can maximize its revenue.


Moreover, data collection in terms of demand, competition, pricing and inventory, as well as market segmentation and market-based pricing are essential steps to maximizing profit. Understanding customers perception of product value and accurately aligning prices, can be crucial in today’s competitive market.


At Hotelising we specialize in achieving long-term revenue goals. Our forecasting mechanisms help us determine appropriate capacity when demand is uncertain and maximize expected revenue when there are uncertain levels of demand. We use data-driven tactics and strategy to increase sales and grow revenue.


The internet plays a crucial role at all stages of the booking process, with consumers using online travel agents (OTA’ s) and services such as Priceline, Expedia, Trip Advisor and others to search out and purchase hotel rooms. According to data, approximately 75% of the consumers visit an online travel agent prior to making a reservation online (Source:comScore).


Hotels have to be spot on with their distribution strategy and think strategically in terms of rate setting and market differentiation. Through classical and innovative solutions, we promote the hotel in the right distribution channels and ultimately maximize revenue.


Our extensive knowledge of the OTA’ s, gives us the ability to take advantage of the opportunities each channel offers and thus to blast off sales. We utilize the power of partners to generate more business, while maintaining the hotel website as top priority.


Sales Representation requires expertise, professionalism, and industry know-how. Positioning your hotel and destination with the use of an array of services and executing a customized program designed specifically to expand your audience, can be crucial to revenue growth.


With your specific needs and goals in mind, we can create both integrated and comprehensive full service sales to maximize revenue potential within new or existing markets. Hotelising has access to hundreds of travel buyers, travel agents, tour operators, meeting and conference planners, international companies and national organizations. Contracting services is a major part of our activities, as we carefully select the very best Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies and we become your liaison with them.


We conduct personal sales visits to travel agencies, business travel management companies on a regular and consistent basis, to build long-term relationships. We basically function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of full company presence.


Hotelising has launched the HOTEL PRO service where  we offer our know-how to hotels and give them the opportunity to apply best practices in their own hotel. The service is addressed to hotels that have the staff team but don’t have the know-how, to hotels that do not wish to have permanent cooperation with management companies, but also to hoteliers who want to be trained with the unique privilege of adapting the training to the needs of the hotel itself.

Hotel Pro is divided into two different services, which can be applied either in combination or individually, depending on the needs of each hotel. Our Consulting services are based in guidance, consulting services for the whole business, both in operation and in sales, marketing, staffing, etc. We are able to cover the entire operation of the hotel by consulting management, putting it in a stream of healthy operation and profitability.

Hotel Pro’s second service, is the The Hotel Sales Book, which refers to Sales and Revenue Management. By choosing this service you will receive a book-manual, which has step by step all the strategy that you need to implement for effective sales, for your hotel. The important thing is that all the study has been done in the hotel itself, taking into account the market, the specifics of the accommodation, the opportunities that have not been used and the effective management of sales. Finally, the Implementation & Training service supports the previous step. It is the training of your team for the application of The Hotel Sales Book, in order to create a strong sales team in your hotel!

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