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Hotelising maximizes hotel sales revenues.

Your hotel’s profitability grows when you grow your market share, increase your average room rate and make more direct room sales.

We implement unique sales strategies, use historic and live data, proven sales revenue management tools and analytical methods, to make it happen. We uncover your Hotel’s hidden revenue potential.

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Frequently Asked

What are the benefits of working with Hotelising?

Increase hotel revenue through a well-designed sales strategy. We implement unique, tailor-made sales strategies to grow the hotel’s profitability.

When to choose Hotelising?

You should consider cooperating if you find that your hotel has missed revenue opportunities. By missed opportunities we mean low occupancy, low average price, big OTA commissions, etc.

What does ‘giving out’ my hotel sales mean in terms of process?

Hotelising acts as an extension of the hotel’s sales department. We take on strategy and pricing policy both online and offline. Price is fully managed by our team, as well as communication with OTA’s representatives, contacts with tour operators and all contracts. In practice, this is achieved with real-time online systems, which have direct access to the hotel plan from both sides, the hotel and the Hotelising team.

How do you achieve revenue growth?

The increase is achieved in two ways: On the one hand, through the hotel’s access to a network of contacts with tour operators, conference organizers, etc., with whom we have long-term cooperation and a relationship of trust. On the other hand, through revenue management, the adjustment of the pricing policy to achieve the best possible price per night on a daily basis.

What is the relationship of Hotelising with Lamway Hotel Management Group?

Since 2014, Hotelising has partnered with Lamway and has been managing the sales of the hotels owned by the Lamway Group portfolio, putting together an even greater emphasis on increasing profitability and enhancing hotel readability.
Today, following the successful joint venture of the two companies, they provide hoteliers with comprehensive management services, namely: Development – Creation of new hotels, Total Hotel Management, Sales Management and Property Lease.

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