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Hotelising maximizes hotel sales revenues.

Your hotel’s profitability grows when you grow your market share, increase your average room rate and make more direct room sales.

We implement unique sales strategies, use historic and live data, proven sales revenue management tools and analytical methods, to make it happen. We uncover your Hotel’s hidden revenue potential.

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Hotelising’s team, as well as all greek hoteliers, are working hard to serve their customers in the best possible way and, as far as possible, to transfer bookings for later dates to avoid massive cancellations that will ‘kill’ them. businesses. For our part, we have noticed that customers are very receptive and cancellations are minimal. Against this backdrop, we learned that is communicating with customers and forcing them to either cancel for free or transfer their booking immediately. Communication occurs even if customers have not communicated themselves. They are then refunded and hotels are obliged to return the amount to the virtual card within 5 days. All of the above apply to bookings in May, June, etc., where there is no formal ban or travel directive. We need to contact hotels, companies and agencies directly to coordinate response actions.